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Sams Group of Institutions (SGI), Admission Notification 2018


SAMS offers a rich array of resources for academic progressing, professional development intertwined with national & international networking. Sensing the ever - growing need for competent & professionally trained managers in the hospitality & IT industry, SAMS foundation was laid in 1997. Our main aim is to augment the overall position of the students belonging to the lower & middle classes of our society who have so far been bereft of their due privilege to earn professional education. So we have embarked upon furthering the noble cause of imparting professional education. Our efforts have lead to the generation of employment opportunities for students mainly belonging to the lower & middle classes of the country. While the infrastructure at SAMS is modern, the teaching process is highly interactive & conventional & enables students to have the right balance of theoretical & practical knowledge. In addition what makes SAMS students unique is that they have adequate work experience before they actually complete their course at SAMS & begin their professional career. Students are treated with great care & sensitivity. Each student receives individual attention. Personalized attention has a tremendous impact on the well being & performance of students which motivates them to excel & improve. Over 16 years thousands of graduates have gone through the SAMS experience & carried on the spirit to represent our institution as leaders in the hospitality & IT Industry.


Vision: SAMS has been to be an institution of global leadership in human development. That continually responds to changing social realities through the innovative development & application of knowledge to serve the society & humanity at large.