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Topiwala National Medical College & B Y L Nair Charitable Hospital (TNMC), Admission-2018 , Mumbai
About Us :


Topiwala National Medical College & BYL Nair Charitable Hospital is one of the foremost medical colleges in India. It is located in the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. It is attached to the Bai Yamunabai Laxman (BYL) Nair Charitable Hospital, an 1800-bed tertiary care center. The combined setup of medical college and hospital was established in 1921. The institution is affiliated with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.The simple design of the college emblem, which depicts a staff entwined by a winged serpent, is a blend of history, mythology and modernity.


The central staff represents the barber's pole. It symbolises the role played by barbers as surgeons and practitioners of healing arts in olden times. The pole also stands for splints and bandages that symbolise emergency medical care. The serpent is the mascot of the Greek god of healing, Aesculapius and represents wisdom. The wings are a symbol of the speed of healing and change in methods of healing.The quote in Sanskrit, at the base of the emblem means 'May we be free from disease through education'. The college emblem was adopted in 1956 during the tenure of Dr. L. Monteiro as dean.


Canteen : The canteen is huge. It is the same canteen whcih the visitors to the hospital use, nevertheless there are a few tables reserved for the medical students. The canteen is spacious and always has a place to accodmodate the crowd students coming in. The food may not be the best but definitely edible. Half of the crowd thrives on it.

Course Offered





BPTh (Physiotherapy)

BOTh (Occupational Therapy)


BASLP(Audio-Speech Language Pathology)


Eligibility :




5% of seats at all Government & Municipal, Medical and Dental colleges are reserved for candidates of the All India Entrance Examination nominated by the Director General of Health Services - Government of India. Please approach their office for details regarding this procedure. Director, All India Entrance Examination Board conducts this examination in the month of May. The examination is followed by interviews held in New Delhi.Out of the remaining 85% seats, 50% seats are reserved for open merit and 50% are reserved for SC/ST/OBC & Nomadic Tribes.TN Medical is an aided college and therefore does not take NRI students or foreign nationals.



Fees :

  • MBBS :  Rs. 16,000/year
  • B.Sc (OT/PT/ASLP) : Rs. 2,200/year

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