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About Us:


Algonquin College’s policies and directives have been developed to ensure the health, safety and security of all students, faculty and staff, and the proper and fair operation of the College as an academic institution and employer. Our policies define the College’s expectations in regards to student and employee behaviour and responsibilities, academic affairs and governance, and procedures and sanctions for resolving complaints and dealing with offences. We invite you to use this site to become familiar with the College’s policies and directives, stay informed on new and revised policies, and provide feedback for policy improvement.


Our high student satisfaction rating is only one of the many reasons to choose Algonquin College. We offer many real, hands-on opportunities to prepare for your future career by bringing your chosen industry into your classroom.


Our programs reflect what employers are telling us they need and want from their future employees. Our students learn both theory and hands-on skills in quality facilities that replicate the real world, from knowledgeable professors who remain connected to their industry. The result is students who are job-ready, with the knowledge and hands-on skills required to get hired and be successful in their chosen field.





  • Mentoring
  • Full-time Faculty Orientation
  • Part-time Faculty Orientation
  • Focus on Learning
  • Teaching @ Algonquin


  • Advanced Leadership Development
  • Aligning and Building Curriculum
  • Celebrating Great Teaching Retreat
  • Faculty Cyber Connections
  • In-Service Teacher Training (ISTTP) Program
  • Leadership Development Program
  • Performance Institute
  • Service Excellence
  • TALL (Teaching Adult Lifelong Learners)

Courses & Workshops:

  • Part-Time Studies
  • Workshops


  • Kaleidoscope
  • Regional/Other Conferences

Faculty & Curriculum Support:

  • Curriculum Advising
  • COMMS (Course Outline Mapping and Management System)
  • Faculty Support
  • Hybrid & Online Course Development

Academic Services:

  • Academic Advising (AA)
  • AA - Roles and Responsibilities
  • General Education
  • PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition)
  • Student Success & Retention

Tools & Resources:

  • Blackboard Tip Sheets
  • COMMS (Course Outline Mapping and Management System)
  • Essential Employability Skills
  • Life Savers
  • Professor of the 21st Century
  • Professor's Resource Site
  • PQR (Program Quality Review)

Life @ Algonquin:

  • College Challenge
  • Live Laugh Learn (Employee Newsletter)
  • Living Well @ Algonquin

Courses Offered:



Bachelors of  Applied Arts

  • Interior Design

Bachelor of Applied Business:

  • e-Business Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

 Bachelor of Information Technology:

  •  Photonics and Laser Technology
  •  Interactive Multimedia and Design
  •  Network Technology

 Bachelor of Science:

  •  Nursing


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Phone: +91-11-22378630; +91-11-22378631