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"There's no escaping learning here."


That's one Quest student's response on the National Survey of Student Engagement, in which Quest was recently rated number one among North American universities in the degree of student engagement, the level of academic challenge, and the intensity of student-faculty interaction.

At Quest, our goal is to prepare young minds to understand and address the deeply complex and rapidly evolving world that they will shortly face. The twenty-first century has seen the dawn of the creative economy and, increasingly, the skills that employers demand are those of critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving ability, and innovation. To this end, Quest's basic educational goal is to provide creative, flexible and competent minds geared to these future challenges.


A 21st-century liberal arts university:


The Quest academic program aims to educate students for a lifetime of learning by providing a solid academic background and by developing students' intellectual capacities. In courses like "Democracy and Justice", "Energy and Matter", and "Global Perspectives", students study the principles of modern civilization, employ the practice of science, and examine the complexities of the 21st century. This is Quest's Foundation Program: 16 select courses that introduce students to the liberal arts and sciences.

In seminar classes (with 20 students or fewer), students examine one area of human inquiry after another on a Block Plan: one course at a time for three-and-a-half-weeks. Students learn to focus on one discipline in a short period of time - an important skill in today's world. After a 2-year foundation, students work with faculty advisors to devise and propose a plan of study in their Concentration Years 3 & 4. These academic plans usually take the form of an interdisciplinary question like "What are the social obstructions to public health in developing nations?" or "Why do we view ourselves as separate from nature?" Students explore their Questions through coursework and readings, and they ultimately create a capstone thesis or project on their topics.

During the Concentration Program, students are also required to develop further language skills and participate in field work or internships, and they are also welcome to study abroad. The versatility of a Quest education - the breadth of knowledge covered, the immersive block structure, the opportunities for practical study and experiences - allows students to go on to graduate programs, or to enter into a wide range of careers.

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