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In 2009, the University of Geneva celebrated its 450 years. The founding fathers, who wanted to reform the guardian of dogma, its current researchers, discoverers of exoplanets, pyramids or superconducting materials, this story is marked by the desire to constantly expand the scope of knowledge. Founded in 1559 on the initiative of Jean Calvin, the Geneva Academy was originally designed as a theological seminary and humanist. During the Enlightenment, it becomes a breeding ground for distinguished scholars and open to new disciplines like natural sciences, law and philosophy.


In the political and social upheavals of the nineteenth e century, it loses its ecclesiastical allegiance. In 1873 with the creation of a medical school, she was made a university. Since then, she continues to open up new areas to meet the needs of training and research, while maintaining a strong humanistic value. The communication service of the University of Geneva informed the employees of the institution of the events that punctuate the academic life and relays this information to the outside. It supports the entire university community in its outreach activities: organization and media events, promotion of research results, dissemination of information on the functioning of the institution, etc. To fulfill its mission, the communication service based on a comprehensive strategy that involves relations with the press, public events, publication of news of the University and the development of websites.


Gateway was founded in 1998 by the Faculties of Science and Medicine, University of Geneva. Since 2003, Gateway is also expanding its activities to the social sciences and reports directly to the Rector of the University of Geneva. In 2005, she joined the Press Information Publications Service of the University of Geneva. Gateway's mission is to design, organize and coordinate projects or events of scientific communication, to create an environment conducive to sharing and exchange between the university and the city. Its mission and philosophy require and encourage the exploration of new teaching and the use of various communication tools. Also, some of its projects go through the artistic expression, or by the original teaching tools. Whatever the means, all activities proposed by the Gateway emphasize the scientific process rather than the scientific content and the results of advanced research. These activities promote a sensible approach as much an intellectual of the areas covered.



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