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About Us:


The University of Western Sydney is a leading centre of learning, research and culture in the community. We pride ourselves on developing sustainable partnerships with local organisations, residents, government, industry and business. This collaboration enriches and strengthens both the University and our community through the advancement and transfer of knowledge, making a significant contribution to improving the quality and vibrance of life across Greater Western Sydney.


Our goal is currently achieved through a diverse range of outreach programs and research projects. We also support commercial initiatives including conference facilities, and provide access to continuing and professional education opportunities.


At UWS, we have developed a system (called TICE) for the purpose of capturing, updating and reporting on our engagement activities with communities of the Greater Western Sydney region, the state and beyond. TICE allows both university and community members to explore UWS partnership activities through a range of categories, via keyword search functionality, and to extract and print reports. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how you might engage with UWS, please contact the Office of Engagement and Partnerships.


Courses Offered:


  • Bachelor of Arts (Dean's Scholars)
  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Advanced Leadership)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Advanced)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced)
  • Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)
  • Bachelor of Natural Science (Advanced)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced)


Postgraduate Areas of Study:

  • Arts and Humanities Postgraduate Courses
  • Business Postgraduate Courses
  • Communication, Design and Media Postgraduate Courses
  • Engineering and Built Environment Postgraduate Courses
  • Health Science Postgraduate Courses
  • Information Technology and Computing Postgraduate Courses
  • International Hospitality and Hotel Management Postgraduate Courses
  • Language, Interpreting and Translation Postgraduate Courses
  • Law Postgraduate Courses
  • Nursing Postgraduate Courses
  • Psychology Postgraduate Courses
  • Research Studies Postgraduate Courses
  • Science Postgraduate Courses
  • Social Science Postgraduate Courses
  • Teaching and Education Postgraduate Courses
  • Therapeutic Studies and Counselling Postgraduate Courses

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Contact Us:

Mobile: +91 9811626380

Phone: +91-11-22378630; +91-11-22378631